Specials and events for Half Moon Bay Yacht Club

Sailboat Racing Classes
There are three classes included in most of the Club’s races:

Coronado 15 - Sloop rigged, dagger board, class racing boat. Normal crew: 2
Laser - Solid hull, single sail, dagger board, class racing boat. Normal crew: 1
Cal20 - Sloop rigged, keel boat, class racing boat. Normal crew: 2 to 3

All races are conducted within the confines of Pillar Point Harbor. Rules governing the races are standard US Sailing Racing Rules and the Coronado 15 Association Class rules. A warning horn is sounded 10 minutes before the start of each racing session. A 5 minutes prep-to-start sequence is used for each race with horns sounding accordingly. Most races are windward-leeward with a windward start and finish. Different courses may be selected by the Race Committee before each race, as allowed by the rules. The 720-degree turns penalty (rules 44.1 and 44.2) of the Racing rules of Sailing will apply. All competitors are required to wear personal flotation.

Visit http://www.hmbyc.org/sailboat-races-sponsored-by-hmbyc/racing-classes for more details